What do we charge?

How much does it cost to get our help?

We want it to be easy to declare your spanish taxes but as well afordable.

We want it to be easy to manage your Spanish taxes, but also to make it affordable. We do not want any surprising costs that come up afterwards, and you should know immediately what it costs to get help. This is why we choose to payment by card and do not send eg. an invoice after the service has been performed.

We believe our prices are competitive and are happy to share your comments about prices.

Yearly tax return for property owners as Non-Resident

Per property/year.

One owner 34,95 euro plus VAT (42,29 € VAT Included).

Two owners 49 euro plus VAT (59,29 € VAT Included).

Three owners 75 euros plus VAT (70,75 € VAT Included).

Four owners, 99 euros plus VAT (119,79 € VAT Included).

Declare Rental Income quarterly

Rental income 2024 and in the future should be declared yearly per owner. Our fee is 103 € plus VAT per tax return.

Rental income during 2023 and before should be declared quarterly.

Quarterly tax return from 49 euro per person and property plus 21% VAT (59,29 € VAT included).

We do not have discounts for multiple properties or multiple owners for rental income taxes.

Taxes for Residents

Our basic fee for Residents is 123 euros plus IVA per person.

Why is it not cheaper?

Sometimes we have customers who send us an almost finished tax return to us via e-mail and want us to just send it in. Sometimes such information can help us but usually it is still the same job that needs to be done, different checks must be done to ensure that data and calculations are accurate.

Why is it so cheap?

We often get questions from customers about how it can be so cheap? They have previously paid up to EUR 100-300 for a tax return to their law firm.

The fact that we are so competitive is simply because we focus on tax. For many law firms, their main focus is the purchase / sale of property and other legal services, which means that their handling of taxes may not always be as effective. They are good at law, we are good at taxes.

We also continuously develop technology that helps us declare as efficiently as possible.

What do you mean when you specify the price refers to “from x euro”?
When we write “off” on the first page is simply because it refers to a person and a declaration. Are you several people with multiple declarations, eg several properties that need to be declared or several family members owning a property can often receive a “quantity discount”, which means that prices are actually lower than “from the price” per declaration.

Is VAT included?

We choose to show our prices both inclusive and exclusive of VAT. It should always be clear that VAT is added where it is not stated first. The fact that we show prices without VAT at all is simply because this is a more common way of showing prices for services in Spain and many of our competitors – Spanish law firms – show their prices without VAT. We want it to be easy to compare.

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